Since its formation in 1992, Uniplaster Group has actively pursued the aim of becoming a leading player in the plaster ceiling and partition building material industry. A combination of strong organic growth and a progressive investment-led strategy has seen the company assemble an impressive range of plaster ceiling and related products. To-date we are proud to announce that we are the largest manufacturer and distributors of plaster ceiling and partition building materials in Malaysia.

Specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of high quality ceiling and partition building materials, Uniplaster’s continued success is based on the fact that as a company it consistently achieves standards of excellence in the quality of all it does. Our products include all plaster ceiling materials, gypsum materials, acoustical mineral fibre board, cement fibre board, calcium silicate board, suspension ceiling system, metal ceiling, metal furring channel, compounds, aluminium, screw, firesafe/home installation, downlight and related accessories.

One of the key strength of Uniplaster Marketing Sdn Bhd lies in its established distribution network throughout the country. To-date we are proud to announce we have in total 10 branches strategically established throughout the country. To better serve our customers, more new branches will be added in the near future.

As a fully integrated plasterboard solution provider, encompassing the entire value chain, the Group has acquire extensive technical expertise and know-how and management skills in setting up of an integrated manufacturing, distribution and contracting network for the plasterboard industry. We are now in a position to expand and regionalize our operations via joint technical collaboration with our counter parts in the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, our plasterboard products have also achieved compliance with the standards and requirement as set out by Boral Ltd Australia, thus enabling us to export our products to Australia and Asia. To-date we are slowly making significant inroads in exporting our products throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our group strategy is to continuously focus on the utilization of our core manufacturing, marketing and capabilities to provide high quality, integrated and related services to our customers. We also endeavor to maintain our core competencies and to maintain our leading position in anticipation of opportunities available both locally and abroad.

We continuously strive to provide high quality and competitively priced plaster, gypsum materials and related products to the building and construction industry throughout the Asia Pacific region.